Fish & Chips
Two pieces of haddock dipped in PEIBC Honey Wheat Ale infused batter. Fries, slaw and tartar.
Pan Fried Haddock
Two pieces of seared haddock, pineapple salsa, seasonal veg. Choice of side (gluten-free).
Chicken Parmesan
Breaded chicken smothered in tomato sauce, melted cheese, and parm on a bed of linguine.
Surf N' Turf
7 oz. seasoned PEI ribeye, sauteed mushroom and onion, seared scallops, seasonal veg. Choice of side (gluten-free).
Atlantic Salmon
6 oz. pan seared glazed in hot honey and seasonal veg. Choice of side (gluten-free).
Lobster Dinner
$ Market
1 lb. fresh PEI lobster, warm butter, potato salad. Choice of side (gluten-free option).

Steak Sandwich
Shaved ribeye, sauteed mushroom and onion, cheese, aioli. Served on ciabatta.
Seafood Pasta
Haddock, scallops, salmon, shrimp and mussels tossed in creamy pesto linguine. Served with garlic toast (gluten-free option).
Sou' Seared Scallops
Atlantic scallops seared with bacon tarragon reduction, veg. Choice of side (gluten-free).
Mac N' Cheese
Spiral pasta with bacon baked in a creamy white wine sauce.
Summer Salad
Mesclun greens, raspberries, walnuts, toasted quinoa, radish, goat cheese, red onion & house-made raspberry vinaigrette. Add a protein (gluten-free).
Seafood Bubbly
Scallops, haddock, and lobster combined in a creamy sauce and baked to a bubble. Served with garlic toast. Choice of side (gluten-free option).
Main Menu Served Until 9pm. Apps & Drinks Available Until Close.